The STEER Screening Test

The STEER Screening Test is:

  1. Designed for use by Learning Support/Resource Teachers and Therapists.
  2. An invaluable tool in helping to identify Specific Learning Difficulties in Primary School children.
  3. An indicator that provides a valuable overview of the child's strengths and needs without diagnosing.
  4. A comprehensive screening test based on carefully selected tasks from ten skill areas. Gross Motor skills, Fine Motor skills, Language, Reading, Writing, Number, Perception, Organisation and Planning, Behaviour and Social Skills.
  5. Carefully researched to identify accepted age-norms for each selected task against which the child's performance can be measured.
  6. A valuable fact-finding exercise which empowers the Learning Support/Resource Teacher to select the most suitable approaches, interventions, resources and specialist help to facilitate the child's progress.
  7. Supplied with an extensive Support Pack containing clear directions for use, interpretation of findings, practical interventions and details of valuable resources.


"Monica was such a pleasure to deal with!  She created a relaxed and fun environment for my son to be assessed. The report exceeded my expectations, she completely understood what my son needed and was extremely thorough and clear in her recommendations.  I could not recommend her more highly."

M.C. mother of 12 year old boy

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