What does an Individual Occupational Therapy Assessment involve?

Following initial discussion by phone, if it is decided that an assessment is required, an appointment is made.

Individual assessments take place in a designated assessment room in a private house in Terenure Dublin. They are usually carried out in the morning when the candidate is at their most alert and last for approximately three hours, e.g. 10am-1pm.

In an assessment I would observe the individual in a range of situations, carrying out a variety of carefully selected tasks. These tasks will be in the areas of Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Literacy and Numeracy, Sensory Processing, Language, Concentration, Organisation and Social Skills. This wide range of tasks enables me to identify the strengths and needs of the individual.

A range of standardised assessments, recognised tests and clinical observations form the basis of the assessment.

Following the assessment, scores are interpreted, observations analysed and conclusions reached. Specific diagnosis may be made at this stage. These findings are then presented along with recommendations and appropriate referrals, in a detailed professional report. This report is recognised by the Department of Education and Skills


"Monica assessed my 10 year-old daughter for issues around dyspraxia. She was very kind to my daughter while we were there, and was able to get lots of useful information from the assessment session as a direct result. As a parent, I found Monica's feedback to be very detailed and useful, her reporting was very specific and thorough. I would recommend her to a friend, indeed I already have, a number of times!"

Mother of Primary School pupil, Dublin

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