Steer Pack

The STEER Screening Test Pack is presented in a durable, user-friendly Ring Binder.

It consists of the following sections:

  1. Introduction and rationale.
  2. Definitions and practical information on the most common Specific Learning Difficulties.
  3. Clear directions on how to administer the STEER Screening Test.
  4. The STEER Screening Test itself, the test pages and user licence.
  5. A range of effective guidelines and interventions to facilitate the development of skills in each area.
  6. A comprehensive resource list of valuable books, materials, specialists, organisations and web sites.

The STEER Kit is a collection of the apparatus and materials that you can use with the Pack. 

The STEER Screening Test, Support Pack and licence to photocopy costs €750.

So for example, used by just 4 teachers over the next 4 years, with each teacher in your school testing 6 pupils annually - the cost per test is less than €8.

The development of an eletronic version has been proposed.


"Monica helped my daughter immensely from her initial assessment in Junior Cert to her final assessment in Leaving cert. It was Monica's clear understanding and astuteness that enabled her to make a correct diagnosis of Dyspraxia for my daughter. Her compassion, patience and kindness as well as her hard work are to be applauded. We are indebted to Monica for everything she did for my daughter and the interest she showed in her."

D.C. mother of Secondary School pupil

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